The end is in sight

Dear reader,   I’m slightly confused as to where my time went. Just three years ago I was still pondering on what I was going to study after high school and now I’ve almost finished my bachelor’s degree in Computing Science. It feels very unreal; getting my bachelor’s degree means I can actually find a job (or continue with a… Read more →

Getting yourself a second family

Hey folks! I found myself a second family! Not because my actual family isn’t good enough, far from it, but because I have signed up at a student association called Cleopatra. While other student associations may be known for their excessive alcohol consumption or for their extremely bad hazing, Cleopatra is known as “the weird association”. I’m not going to deny… Read more →

The bukkit(?) forums

Welcome back! Today I strolled around the internet again, ending up on the well-known Bukkit Forums. But wait, it looks different! There are a bunch of new categories! In this post, I will rant about how they do not fit the forums at all and are, therefore, completely useless.   The first new one is Staff goodbyes.  There were so many of… Read more →

Goodbye, BukkitDev

As explained in my post here, I am resigning from my position as BukkitDev staff. The main reasons can be found there, but the tl;dr is that I don’t want to be a slave to a multi-million dollar company. I had great times at BukkitDev. I feel like the staff team has become like a second family to me, and… Read more →

Vacation? I think not!

Hey everyone, It’s supposed to be vacation but it doesn’t really feel like it. I’ve been and am working a lot for Puzl and on some side projects and it doesn’t give me a lot of rest. Good thing I’ll be going to Germany soon I guess 🙂 My minecraft server is becoming really nice. I installed ChestShop, a plugin… Read more →

Hey everyone! In two days, will start! is a programming contest organised by some folks over at Bukkit, in which a theme will be chosen and developers then have 10 hours to make the best of the best plugin following that theme. While 10 hours seems like a lot of time, it actually isn’t that much. It’s likely… Read more →


Hey everyone,

Just a quick heads up that I won’t be posting semi-daily anymore. This blog has become more like a diary and… that’s not really the purpose. So instead, I’ll post when something interesting happens!

Thanks for being here!

In other news, you are awesome!

OPPO Find 7

It finally arrived! With some additional delay due to it being shipped very fast (I know how weird that sounds), I now have a new phone; the OPPO Find 7. First impressions When I opened the package I found the flip cover first. That thing is huuuuge! Then came my phone. It was just as huuuuge as the flip cover! I… Read more →