Month: June 2014

Visiting the sick and football!

Today we visited my grandpa and uncle, who so happen to be in the same hospital. My grandpa is in there recovering from the triple bypass and my uncle somehow badly hurt his back and is recovering there from the pain. Weird stuff… My grandpa seems to be doing a lot better. My mom has been with him this whole… Read more →

New phone!

Excitement! I ordered a new phone :3 My current phone, the Doogee DG350 (unrelated to Doge (I know, hard to believe)) has a crack in the screen and everything below that crack doesn’t respond to touch anymore. Of course, the crack has to be all the way at the top of the screen so we can say about 50% of… Read more →

Sweet, sweet, holiday

Howdy my fellow internet-travelers! Today I received the result of my last exam! With a smashing 7.86 (B+ I think?) I passed Object Orientated Programming and, with that, finished my foundation course (Propedeuse)! Yaaaay! This means that holidays have officially started for me, as I don’t have any resits. Woop! Yesterday I went to see X-men: Days of future past,… Read more →

Crazy day

Hey all! Welcome back to my crazy crazy stuff. Yesterday was Poker night from the Study asssociation, so that was a lot of fun. Suited up, went for the royal straight poker face, was broke first 😛 Good laughs were made though. Today, however, was a crazy day. It is my parents wedding day, my sister graduated from high school… Read more →

Go Holland!

Hey all! So today Holland played against Chile, which was the last match in the group stages for the Netherlands. We won, yet again! 2-0 was the final result, and we are officially through to the knock-out round. Exiting! In other news, I talked a bit with my ex today again. I’m reasonably sure I should distance myself from her… Read more →

Weekend shenanigans!

Welcome back guys! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. I certainly am! Friday was the last exam, which meant that friday-night was party-night. And a party-night it was. I will spare you the details, but I can say I fully enjoyed every moment of that night! Saturday was just a lazy day. Sleep in, play games all day… Read more →

Exam week, day five

Day five! Oh boy have I looked forward to this day. I had my final exam of this semester, and have therefore concluded my first year as a Computer Scientist! The exam was about Object Orientated Programming, Java more specifically. My god, that was easy. Not only have I been programming Java for the past three years, but also the… Read more →

Exam week, day four

Today, again, no exams. Peace and quiet instead, and a lot of shooting titans. I mean studying, of course. Tomorrow is (hopefully) my final exam for this first year in University. It’s the Object Orientated Programming exam, and I have no clue what to expect. The reader was literally 10 pages on Java, then 40 with exercises. Example exam had… Read more →

Exam week, day three

Third day of exam week, halfway there. I had my second exam today, Program Correctness. Pretty sure I passed it! Yay for me 🙂 Fun fact: Talked a bit to the lecturer when I just finished, he had already checked 4 exams. One was a 10, the others were 1s. And apparently that’s normal for this course. LOL I want… Read more →

Exam week, day two

New day, new experiences. Yesterday was crap. Today was much better, despite the fact the only thing I did was sitting in my room, doing exercises from the Program Correctness reader. Yay? Seriously though, my day started out pretty smoothly. Woke up by the alarm, snoozed a bit, turned it off, continued sleeping (oops!). I brought my bike to the… Read more →