Month: July 2014

Vacation? I think not!

Hey everyone, It’s supposed to be vacation but it doesn’t really feel like it. I’ve been and am working a lot for Puzl and on some side projects and it doesn’t give me a lot of rest. Good thing I’ll be going to Germany soon I guess 🙂 My minecraft server is becoming really nice. I installed ChestShop, a plugin… Read more →

Hey everyone! In two days, will start! is a programming contest organised by some folks over at Bukkit, in which a theme will be chosen and developers then have 10 hours to make the best of the best plugin following that theme. While 10 hours seems like a lot of time, it actually isn’t that much. It’s likely… Read more →


Hey everyone,

Just a quick heads up that I won’t be posting semi-daily anymore. This blog has become more like a diary and… that’s not really the purpose. So instead, I’ll post when something interesting happens!

Thanks for being here!

In other news, you are awesome!

OPPO Find 7

It finally arrived! With some additional delay due to it being shipped very fast (I know how weird that sounds), I now have a new phone; the OPPO Find 7. First impressions When I opened the package I found the flip cover first. That thing is huuuuge! Then came my phone. It was just as huuuuge as the flip cover! I… Read more →

Plugins, crashes and graduations

And all of that on one day. First thing I did in the morning (after my morning rituals) was modifying a plugin slightly for a client, making some dollars. Always nice! Also did a bit of website work (broke the login EXCEPT for the news page (HOW)), ticking some todo-boxes. Since my sister graduated today, my grandma would come to… Read more →

Time flies

It’s already July. I didn’t even notice. That means that it’s almost my brother’s birthday, too! Anyone suggestions for nice gifts? My grandpa got released from hospital today. He’ll be getting home-care, together with the care of my grandma. Yay! My uncle still can barely walk, but he tried a bit. After five or so steps it was meh… but… Read more →


Yay! I’m not doing much. Watching some series (Arrow), coding some plugins (Achievements 2.0.0 released!) and watching football. Achievements seems to be super awesome now. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about; it’s one of my plugins for Bukkit. You can find it here: I have added a lot of new features, a few of them being really… Read more →