Month: September 2014

The bukkit(?) forums

Welcome back! Today I strolled around the internet again, ending up on the well-known Bukkit Forums. But wait, it looks different! There are a bunch of new categories! In this post, I will rant about how they do not fit the forums at all and are, therefore, completely useless.   The first new one is Staff goodbyes.  There were so many of… Read more →

Goodbye, BukkitDev

As explained in my post here, I am resigning from my position as BukkitDev staff. The main reasons can be found there, but the tl;dr is that I don’t want to be a slave to a multi-million dollar company. I had great times at BukkitDev. I feel like the staff team has become like a second family to me, and… Read more →