Crazy day

Hey all! Welcome back to my crazy crazy stuff.

Yesterday was Poker night from the Study asssociation, so that was a lot of fun. Suited up, went for the royal straight poker face, was broke first 😛 Good laughs were made though.

Today, however, was a crazy day. It is my parents wedding day, my sister graduated from high school and my grandpa got a triple bypass operation.

My parents are married for 22 years today! That, of course, is reason for celebration. We went out for dinner and it was absolutely fabulous.

My sister graduated from high school! She had to do a resit for Chemistry since she was sick at the first try… She got it back today, passed it easily with a 6.9 (That’s like a B- for you Americans).

Aaaand the triple bypass for my grandpa. His veins were only functioning for like 30%, so that was a problem. He’s now in IC and appears to be in good condition.

In other news, League is awesome!

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