Exam week, day five

Day five! Oh boy have I looked forward to this day. I had my final exam of this semester, and have therefore concluded my first year as a Computer Scientist!

The exam was about Object Orientated Programming, Java more specifically. My god, that was easy. Not only have I been programming Java for the past three years, but also the course wasn’t very in-depth (for the ones who know: Nothing about Maven/CI/Reflections/Annotations/Sockets/Databases). Just explaining some concepts and giving the output of a very simple program. I’m more than reasonably sure I passed it. I was finished after 36 minutes (I had 180), so I went home early to try and fix my Global Stats server (didn’t succeed :c). It’s been broken for a while… keeps running out of memory and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Anyhow, vacation has started! I think I’ll be staying in my home town for a bit, visit the parents/brother/sister often, play loads of games with friends, code a crap-ton, make all the pretty websites, attempt Laravel, attempt OpenGL, and to finish it off, trip to Berlin with my best friend :3

First things first though. All exams are finished, which means it’s time for… partying! This will be the first time I’ll be going out with my housemates (!!) and I have no doubt it’s gonna be super awesome!

In other news, Zachary DuBois is awesome!

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