Exam week, day three

Third day of exam week, halfway there. I had my second exam today, Program Correctness. Pretty sure I passed it! Yay for me 🙂
Fun fact: Talked a bit to the lecturer when I just finished, he had already checked 4 exams. One was a 10, the others were 1s. And apparently that’s normal for this course. LOL

I want it to be friday so I finally have vacation… Oh wait I probably didn’t pass Linear Algebra *damnit*. Soon ™!
I’m gonna have to fix up Highscores (It’s so broken right now) and do my BukkitDev Staff duties (wooh review all the plugins!). Not to mention work for Puzl and make more websites for doctors! Oh all the $$$…
So yeah, all of that is gonna be fun!

In other news, my Google+ is awesome!

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