Getting yourself a second family

Hey folks!

I found myself a second family! Not because my actual family isn’t good enough, far from it, but because I have signed up at a student association called Cleopatra. While other student associations may be known for their excessive alcohol consumption or for their extremely bad hazing, Cleopatra is known as “the weird association”.

I’m not going to deny we’re kind of weird. In the contrary, we’re all awesomely weird 🙂 Being normal is just so… Nope.

Anyhow, when you sign up at Cleopatra, you first go through your Introduction Period (or simply IP). This period is meant to get to know your fellow freshly-joined Cleopatrans, and to generally have fun. When other associations may assign you with weird tasks to do to “prove yourself worthy”, we simply have dinner together and play games and such.

After this period, you get to choose your own “Stam” (literally translated it’s Tribe, but that’s kinda silly). Each stam has about 3 “stam-parents”, who are members that were already part of Cleopatra for some time. In my case, a stam existed of 3 stam parents and 9 stam children. And I simply have found the best.

Every Tuesday we come together to have dinner and to have some fun, after which we usually go to the dancefloor at Cleo. There’s no way I can really describe what exactly goes on, all I can say is that it’s simply amazing. We’ve all become really close, and that’s awesome. Every week whoever can come does come, which is apparently quite a rare thing to happen. Not to mention most of us count down the days until Tuesday 🙂

All in all, cleopatra is simply great. If you live in or around Groningen, I can definitely recommend signing up!

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