Go Holland!

Hey all!

So today Holland played against Chile, which was the last match in the group stages for the Netherlands. We won, yet again! 2-0 was the final result, and we are officially through to the knock-out round. Exiting!

In other news, I talked a bit with my ex today again. I’m reasonably sure I should distance myself from her even further than I currently already am. If I don’t, I will most likely be trying to help her with things (or at least, I’ll be thinking I’m helping) and that won’t bring any good. I’m not sure what has gotten into her but… it’s no good.

Today I threw in a new plugin into my minecraft server! You can now complete awesome achievements, and get money from them! This’ll make it much easier to buy pilons for cities, or to create your own city.

In other news, Achievements is awesome!

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