New phone!

Excitement! I ordered a new phone :3

My current phone, the Doogee DG350 (unrelated to Doge (I know, hard to believe)) has a crack in the screen and everything below that crack doesn’t respond to touch anymore. Of course, the crack has to be all the way at the top of the screen so we can say about 50% of my touchscreen doesn’t work anymore. :c

Therefore, time for a new phone! I chose the Oppo Find 7 and am awaiting it now. It ships “early July”, so I’m very exited for it! I love the design of the notification light, it looks amazing 😮

My grandpa is getting better and better. My uncle, however, hurt his back pretty badly, so now he is in the hospital too! Same one as my grandpa, actually. Neighbors after all!

Today is my sisters’ graduation party – which means BBQ, girls, and soda. Not bad I’d say 😀

In other news, this thread is awesome!

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  1. June 29, 2014 at 15:24

    When you finally receive your Oppo Find 7 let me know.
    I NEED to see it IRL ^_^

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