OPPO Find 7

It finally arrived! With some additional delay due to it being shipped very fast (I know how weird that sounds), I now have a new phone; the OPPO Find 7.

First impressions

When I opened the package I found the flip cover first. That thing is huuuuge! Then came my phone. It was just as huuuuge as the flip cover! I always used to have a Galaxy S3, so the OPPO is indeed a tad bigger than what I am used to. I threw in the phone, did the initial setup and was ready do go. All good and well.

I’m not such a big fan of ColorOS. It’s okay-ish, but… meh. I tried to find good guides on how to install Cyanogenmod on it but couldn’t find any (If you can, please do give me the link!). I installed the APEX launcher app to make my home screen beautiful again and throw some widgets on it.

So the screen is absolutely huge and beautiful. The flip cover is awesome too. I was a little disappointed by the notification bar on the bottom as not much light actually comes from it, and where there is light it’s really in the center only. Meh. The camera is awesome, it can shoot in 4K (which of course I had to try out), take huge pictures and has really nice detail overall. I still have to test the music sound quality but I did notice it can be very loud (notifications heard by everyone in the house when not turned down haha). Exited!

So overall, it looks like a beautiful smartphone that’ll last for a long while.

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