Exam week, day four

Today, again, no exams. Peace and quiet instead, and a lot of shooting titans. I mean studying, of course. Tomorrow is (hopefully) my final exam for this first year in University. It’s the Object Orientated Programming exam, and I have no clue what to expect. The reader was literally 10 pages on Java, then 40 with exercises. Example exam had… Read more →

Exam week, day three

Third day of exam week, halfway there. I had my second exam today, Program Correctness. Pretty sure I passed it! Yay for me 🙂 Fun fact: Talked a bit to the lecturer when I just finished, he had already checked 4 exams. One was a 10, the others were 1s. And apparently that’s normal for this course. LOL I want… Read more →

Exam week, day two

New day, new experiences. Yesterday was crap. Today was much better, despite the fact the only thing I did was sitting in my room, doing exercises from the Program Correctness reader. Yay? Seriously though, my day started out pretty smoothly. Woke up by the alarm, snoozed a bit, turned it off, continued sleeping (oops!). I brought my bike to the… Read more →

Exam week, day one

Well well. It’s that time of the quarter again. Exams! This means a couple of things… I should study a lot. Not sure how though since this quarter I have Linear Algebra (math only), Program correctness (Proof only) and Object Orientated Programming. Math is barely studyable, as are proofs. Oh well. Also, I saw my ex again. Bam. Clock stopped, world… Read more →