Plugins, crashes and graduations

And all of that on one day.

First thing I did in the morning (after my morning rituals) was modifying a plugin slightly for a client, making some dollars. Always nice! Also did a bit of website work (broke the login EXCEPT for the news page (HOW)), ticking some todo-boxes.

Since my sister graduated today, my grandma would come to the ceremony. Since there was no-one else home and I like driving, I picked her up at the train station. Then, when driving away again, I missed a car and drove against the side of it. F*ck. Thank god it was a calm guy though, he didn’t look too pissed (lease car ftw). Still sucks though >.<

Moving on. My sisters graduation. She successfully completed the HAVO (Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs for the ones who really want to know) and received her diploma tonight. It was a nice ceremony (although VERY hot, 60+ people in a small room is NOT recommended), and she is now moving on to the HBO (Hoger beroeps onderwijs). You go, sis!

In other news, my dad is awesome!

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