Sweet, sweet, holiday

Howdy my fellow internet-travelers!

Today I received the result of my last exam! With a smashing 7.86 (B+ I think?) I passed Object Orientated Programming and, with that, finished my foundation course (Propedeuse)! Yaaaay!

This means that holidays have officially started for me, as I don’t have any resits. Woop!

Yesterday I went to see X-men: Days of future past, and it was awesome. Those VFX… Yaw dropping. I really digged it!

My grandpa’s operation was a success and he is slowly getting back on his feet. Sleeping has been difficult as there were some machines making a lot of noise around him, draining some body fluids (I’m not a doctor lol). I’m glad things seem to be good.

As for my minecraft server, wooh! Awesome things are coming soon to the lands of Centrility.

As for my plugins, awesome things are coming soon, too! Achievements is already awesome (Go check out the dev-builds over at http://ci.lolmewn.nl/).

In other news, the Oppo Find 7 is awesome (And will likely soon be mine!).

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