The bukkit(?) forums

Welcome back!

Today I strolled around the internet again, ending up on the well-known Bukkit Forums. But wait, it looks different! There are a bunch of new categories! In this post, I will rant about how they do not fit the forums at all and are, therefore, completely useless.


The first new one is Staff goodbyes.  There were so many of us they created a sub-forum for it. Nice, I guess. No problems here (Although no-one could post in them at first, which has been fixed now).

Now we move onto more… weird things. There’s a whole new forum, called Bukkit Alternatives. Yes, you read it right, bukkit alternatives on the bukkit forums. What? In the past, even mentioning the word Spigot or Spout would get your thread locked, and now there’s a whole new forum promoting talking about them O.o

I mean, I get why Curse does it. Bukkit is dead, the forums are losing views, they are losing revenue and have to come up with something. But this is kinda… It just simply doesn’t belong there, okay.

Enough ranting for today. I just thought the world had to know that I think it’s bullshit.

In other news, Sponge seems pretty awesome.

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