The end is in sight

Dear reader,


I’m slightly confused as to where my time went. Just three years ago I was still pondering on what I was going to study after high school and now I’ve almost finished my bachelor’s degree in Computing Science.

It feels very unreal; getting my bachelor’s degree means I can actually find a job (or continue with a master, of course). A job. The word “Job” has a really weird and slightly scary ring to it, as it’ll also mean the end of my time as a student. Am I really ready for that?

I feel like I have a decent understanding of how the world works; and if I don’t understand parts of it I always have my friends and family to fall back on for help. Theoretically, I could find a job, get a mortgage, get a house, all that stuff. An actual citizen. Isn’t it a bit too soon for this? I’ll be 21 by the time I get my bachelor’s degree (assuming, that is, I pass the final course + thesis), which is super young to be done with all things student, I feel.


I’m always stuck on choices like this one. Life is weird. Do any of you dear readers have the same kind of issues?

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