The state of Stats, Achievements and Highscores

Hey everyone!


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post. Worry not, I have been hard at work to develop some awesome new stuff! I’ll give a brief outline of all things new and go more into detail about Stats.

First of all, I made a StatsAPI. It’s 100% open source and may be used by anyone. I will be changing the license to MIT soon, as I feel GPL just doesn’t fit. You can find the source here: I’m still working on it, I need to improve the way the storage engines work and possibly add a couple of new features. You can grab the binary and find the javadocs here: It has no dependencies that you need to include. Not even Bukkit. It’s an API after all 😉

StatsAPI will be used, maybe you guessed it, in Stats 3. Stats 3 is a complete rewrite of Stats and focusses primarily on extensibility and flexibility. The first couple of releases will probably not be as optimized as you are used to with Stats 2, but they will be super awesome in terms of features. Right now it’s looking very promising; you can select any data you want and set certain flags, too. Let’s say you want the playtime of a player, but only in the main world. You can do that! Or maybe you want the playtime of all worlds except the main world. You can do that! You want the amount of torches placed with heading east in a set of worlds? No problemo! You want to use flatfile? Why not! You want to implement you own storage engine? Of course you can! What’s that? Tired of needing a basic understanding of MySQL in order to create a stat in Stats 2? No longer needed in Stats 3! What’s that? I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand. Oh, you want all text to be available in your own language? Change all visible messages in Stats 3!

If all of that wasn’t enough to blow your brain out, then what about this… Stats 3 is written in such a way that whenever a new server mod comes out, I can just create a few classes and have it implemented for that server mod! No need for complete rewrites or anything silly like that – Stats 3 is abstract enough to be ready for any server mods that might be thrown at its face. Awesome, am I right? You can find the source here:, binaries and javadocs here:


As for Highscores and Achievements: I do plan on updating them. Achievements actually got a pretty big refractor before I started writing Stats 3 but I never came to fully testing it (and writing a converter for the old achievements.yml file, since the layout has changed drastically) and so it hasn’t come to a release. I’ll most likely add a converter and release a version compatible with Stats 2, then update it for Stats 3, and then we’ll see. Same goes for Highscores, although I might just completely rewrite that too. It’s horrible in its current state. Don’t look at it!

I hope you’re all just as excited as I am for all new things to come. Stats 3 is scheduled for release at the end of March (that’s right, two weeks!). If any reader of this blog happens to be a creator of fancy video’s, do contact me. I kinda want a teaser-something video for Stats 3. Just because.


Have a great day everyone!

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