Visiting the sick and football!

Today we visited my grandpa and uncle, who so happen to be in the same hospital. My grandpa is in there recovering from the triple bypass and my uncle somehow badly hurt his back and is recovering there from the pain. Weird stuff…

My grandpa seems to be doing a lot better. My mom has been with him this whole week (along with that uncle and my grandma) so she actually saw how good he actually is now. It was good to see everyone again.

And then there was football! Oh my, what a match. I’m not such a huge fan of football, but the world cup… dayum! Today the Netherlands played against Mexico, and in the 47th minute Mexico scored. It seemed pretty grim, but the Netherlands pushed on and, finally, scored in the 88th minute. And what a goal that was! Full power, straight into the goal. Beautiful. But not enough to win… So about five minutes later, Robben attempted to go over the back line of the playing field and got floored by a defender, resulting in a penalty. Huntelaar was the one to power shoot it straight into the left corner of the goal, and suddenly we were winning with 2 minutes left on the clock. One more shot for the mexicans that got blocked by our keeper… and done. We actually, somehow, did it again. Marvelous!

In other news, Puzl is awesome!

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